The Founder & Creator

Reema Jaber: Founder of Hair by Reema & Creator of The CADŌ Curly Method™

Reema Jaber, of Hair by Reema salon in Streetsville, Ontario, has established herself as a notable figure in the hair industry, a successful salon owner and global hair educator. Co-owning a bustling three-story salon with her husband Bassam Saleh, they have created a tranquil space that reflects their shared passion for the happiness and satisfaction of their clients.  

At the forefront of Reema’s professional achievements is The CADŌ Curly Method™, a proven system for cutting, colouring and styling all curly hair types. Reema explains, “I’ve always loved curly hair and have been a curl specialist since the start of my career. At the CADŌ Academy, we teach stylists to confidently handle all types of curls tailored to each client's texture and needs. It’s an artistic yet structured system, delivering stunning curls for our clients.”

Reema’s achievements as an educator in balayage, colouring/cutting and The CADO Curly Method have been recognized through awards like the BTC One Shot Awards and VZN Awards and being featured in publications such as Salon MagazineModern Salon & EFE Magazine. 

As an ambassador for Schwarzkopf Canada and Arc Scissors, Reema aligns herself with the best in the industry. Her academic background from Aveda further enhances her comprehensive hair care and styling approach.

The success of Hair by Reema and the CADŌ Academy is also a tribute to her team's dedication, whose commitment and talent contribute significantly to the salon’s welcoming and innovative space. 

In addition to her hair industry accomplishments, Reema has established an impressive presence on social media, with over 450,000 followers and millions of views. Her relatable and helpful content, often going viral, is loved for its approachable and engaging nature.

Balancing her roles as a business owner, innovator, and mother to her son Jamal, Reema Jaber embodies the essence of a modern entrepreneur, blending her professional and personal lives. 

Instagram: @hairbyreema

TikTok: @hairbyreema